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Sports Contracts Should Be Entirely Incentive Based

This idea of all contracts being completely incentive based is something that should not only be used in sports, but throughout all workers’ contracts.  For example, in the NFL, good players like Reggie Bush and Ted Ginn Jr. are having their best statistical years ever.  I believe this is solely based on the fact that they received a small signing bonus, and a contract loaded with incentives they could meet to make more money.  Instead of giving people ridiculous year-long contracts like the Titans did for Chris Johnson, who until recently has clearly not tried, teams would receive full compensation from their employees’ work using the incentive system.  This should be applied to all jobs, lets take teachers as an example.  Instead of our current system which gives teachers tenure after only a few years of work, why not load teachers’ contracts with incentives.  They will work harder and become better teachers with more money coming their way if they meet certain incentives.  This is better than our current system which allows teachers to become complacent about teaching because they know that they will get paid the same no matter how hard they try.  Americans want to fix the economy and create a fairer system, this is a good place to start.  Professional sports leagues should endorse this idea, and then hopefully other realms of society will follow their example.  If you give people an incentive to work harder, they will, and your business will be better because of it.

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