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David West and Mayo to Pacers?

(Joe Murphy/NBAE/Getty Images)

The Indiana Pacers gave the Chicago Bulls a run for their money last year in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Although the score in games doesn’t reflect that, every game was a grind for the Bulls. Many people were surprised at how the Pacers were able to stick with the Bulls for so long, myself included. They’re roster consists of a solid young nucleus featuring 7’2 center, Roy Hibbert, Danny Granger and the electric Darren Collison. They also have a lot of potential on their bench with players like Brandon Rush, Tyler Hansbrough and George Hill and A.J. Price. The Pacers are not only looking to improve with those players, but they have been recently rumored to be looking for upgrades at shooting guard and power forward. Literally minutes before the trade deadline last season, it seemed the Pacers had completed a deal with the Memphis Grizzlies bringing in O.J. Mayo for Josh McRoberts, however the trade was not allowed because the NBA had declared the deal was completed after the deadline. Well it seems that these talks have resumed in the last day or so and it is likely that Mayo will be traded for McRoberts in the near future.

(Layne Murdoch/NBAE/Getty Images)

The Pacers have also been highly active in their attempt to sign Hornets free agent power forward David West. With a Chris Paul deal likely in the next week or two, West looks like he wants a change of scenery as well. Today it was reported that the two sides have reached an agreement for 2 years worth $20 million. If the Pacers are able to add Mayo as well, they will be a playoff contender for years to come.

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