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Bedlam in Bloomington

To start this post, I want to give mad shout-outs to my boys over at Indiana University.  For four years, you guys have endured a rebuilding basketball program, and an irrelevant football team.  So, Drew Neems, Joey Dickstein, Ethan Gundry, David Smith, Jack Finks, Bryan Wolfe, Ed Brusic, Rob Solomon, James Clark, Dan Rappaport, Brad Fishbane, Justin Kleifield, Logan Stohle, and Courtney Anderson, this one is for you.  For those of that I may have forgotten, I’m sorry, get at me, and I’ll include you in the above name drops.  Now that I got that out of the way, way to go Hoosiers!!  I’m so pumped that Indiana is back in their rightful seat atop the college basketball world.  Indiana basketball is to Notre Dame is in football: love them or hate them, it is good for college sports for these teams to be relevant.  When Tom Crane was back at Marquette I thought he was an amazing coach, and following the debacle which was Kelvin Sampson, Crane was the perfect hire for IU.  He began rebuilding the program three years ago, and each year they have gotten more and more competitive with lack-luster recruits.  With defeating number one Kentucky, who I still believe is the team to beat this year, Indiana is back on the basketball map.  I could not be happier for my buddies who have suffered through Indiana sports for the past four years, HOO-HOO-HOO-HOOSIERS!!

(Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE)



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  1. His name is Tom Crean, solid article though.

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