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Rough Start for the Trail Blazers

(Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images/Getty Images Sport)

The NBA season has not even started and the Portland Trail Blazers just found out that star guard Brandon Roy has decided to retire due to “degenerative knees”. Roy has been plagued by chronic knee injuries his entire professional basketball career and sadly he has to retire at the age of 27, a time when most players are just entering their prime. The worst part about it is that he is the player who began the movement of bringing the Trail Blazers back as a consistent contender. He was always very fun to watch as a fan and had the ability to single-handedly win any game on his own for the team, when he was healthy of course. Roy probably could have continued his career as a reserve, playing limited minutes every night with the fear of re-injuring his knees, but it was probably for the best that he decided to call it quits.

It has also been reported late Friday night that former number one pick Greg Oden will most likely miss the 2011-2012 NBA season because of a setback from his microfracture surgery on his knee he had done earlier this year. Oden re-injured the knee a couple of days ago while rehabbing. It’s another sad story of a player who was supposed to be one of the best and most dominant centers in the NBA for many years. In three seasons he has played just 82 games, averaging 22 minutes, 9.4 points per game and 7.3 rebounds per game (he did not play in a single game last season). It has to be extremely frustrating not only for Oden, but the Trail Blazers as well, who just re-signed him for $8.9 million for one year.

(Steve Dipaola/REUTERS)

Lastly, the Blazers star power forward LaMarcus Aldridge just went underwent heart surgery to make sure that the electrical system in his heart was working properly. He was diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome in 2007 which is a disease that involves inconsistencies with how the heart beats. It has been reported by multiple sources that he will have to sit out of practice for at least a week, but with all of the other losses the Trail Blazers have already suffered, they cannot afford to lose Aldridge.

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