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Ohio State vs. Kansas at the Fog

It is no secret where my loyalties lie when it comes to college sports, and JB is the same way.  My team has always been Ohio State and his has always been Kansas.  For the first time ever they will play each other in a sport where both of the teams are actually good.  Normally, I would give a completely biased overview of this game, slamming it in Jib’s face that The Ohio State University will dominate Kansas.  However, with Sullinger not playing, and Ohio State’s young team going on the road for the first time all year; I think this game spells trouble for the Bucks.  On a neutral floor or at home, Ohio State handles Kansas by ten points because at this point of the year OSU is the better team.  Yet, Fog Allen Fieldhouse is a oppossing team’s nightmare to play in, that alone give the Jayhawks an edge in the game.  It’s going to be a highly contested game, but I think OSU will get handed their first lost of the year.  Prediction: Kansas by 5.

(David E. Klutho/SI)


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