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Is Flipping Between a Groupon Marathon and a Basketball Game O.K.?

Since Sullinger is not playing for Ohio State, and I can use that excuse for the reason why we lost.  I have turned my focus to an interesting statement Jib made to me prior to the start of the game.  He said that he was, “Excited to watch the game, but there is also an Extreme Coupon Marathon on the tube that he will have to switch back too.”  This sounds like a complete violation of the “Man Laws” that were set forth by great men for generations to follow, and we must adhere to.  Dude, it’s your team versus my team, what the fuck?!?  When I get home you are sentenced to a mandatory “Strike Out” to regain your man-card.  On another note, the Sullinger-less Bucks are hanging tough only down six at halftime.  Go Bucks!



(ABC News)





(Rich Sugg/The Kansas City Star)

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