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Second Chance for Weis

(Phelan M. Ebenhack/AP)

From 2000-2004, the New England Patriots had an absolute dream team of coaches that were a lot of the reason they won three Super Bowls in four years. Charlie Weis, the offensive genius behind Tom Brady, gained a lot of popularity and interest from many teams after the Patriots won back to back years. He did not have any desirable job offerings in the NFL, so he decided to take a job at his alma mater, Notre Dame. Whether the expectations were too high, or his pro-style coaching was too much for college kids, things didn’t work out after three years of mediocracy at Notre Dame. In the last couple of years he has been the offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs as well as the Florida Gators, the team he originally wanted to coach in 2005, but was beat out by Urban Meyer.

(Getty Images)

He has now been hired by Kansas University to be the head football coach. It seems like this will be the perfect place for him to regain respect in the football world. Coming off a 2-10 season, the expectations for the Jayhawks will be extremely low. If he can bring them to a .500 record next season, he will be a hero. The other positive is that he has already brought a lot of national attention to Kansas’ football program, a program that has never been the center of attention other than in 2008 when they almost went undefeated and won the Orange Bowl. We all know what national attention does for any college athletic program, it brings in recruits. I’m not saying that Kansas will become a hotbed for five-star recruits, but Weis will bring the program back to life, giving it relevancy and making it a desirable place for talented players to come to KU. It has already been rumored that former Notre Dame quarterback Dayne Crist will transfer to Kansas to play for the coach who recruited him.  The only other reason they hired him that comes to mind is that Kansas loves extremely overweight football coaches (Mark Mangino).

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