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Also Introducing Brad Douglass as the Top Ten Guy: Top Ten Reasons to Hate Joe Buck

10.  His stupid monotone voice.

9.  He has said that he doesn’t even like baseball.

8. He grew up in St. Louis… Gross.

7.  Overall lack of effort with everything he announces.

6.  He even makes Tim McCarver sound smart.

5.  Has been quoted saying that his favorite website is TMZ.com (You can hear him say it in the link provided on # 3).

4.  His father, Jack Buck, is way better than him.  Jack is the only reason Joe has a job.  Jack Buck is to Joe Buck as Master P is to Lil Romeo.

3.   The television show: Joe Buck Live

2.  His constant uncomfortable, yet reassuring stare at Troy Aikman like he wants to make out with him.

1.  The Bears lose 75% of the time he announces one of their games.


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