Rebuilding Begins with Trading Your Bad Players, Not Your Good Ones

Since I’ll let J.B. take the reins on talking about his Cubs, I would like to discuss my beloved Chicago White Sox and their puzzling off-season moves made by General Manager Kenny Williams in the past few years.  He has collectively signed Peavy who makes sixteen million a year, Rios who makes twelve and a half million, and my personal favorite, Adam Dunn who makes twelve million.  None of the three of these guys have lived up to their expectations except for Rios who had a promising second half of the season two years ago, only to back it up with an abysmal season last year.  So, these guys haven’t panned out, I can live with that, that is professional sports sometimes, but Williams’ moves thus far this season are much harder to give him the benefit of the doubt on.  The Sox released arguably their most consistent hitter from last year besides Konerko in Juan Pierre.  And, he was unable to stop our best pitcher in Buehrle from skipping town, along with trading our promising young closer Sergio Santos to the Blue Jays.  Also, according to a couple rumor-mill sites, Williams is also shopping pitcher Gavin Floyd and an all-star from last year in Carlos Quentin.  For a little icing on the cake, Williams also had his house broken into this off-season in hilarious fashion (Read that story in full here: http://eye-on-baseball.blogs.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/entry/22297882/33456505).  I don’t understand what Williams’ thought process is, I understand rebuilding, but how about getting rid of Dunn, Peavy, and Rios who we actually don’t need on our team, and who are eating up salary-cap space.  At this point, if Williams wants to do this he better have a really good plan that I don’t see in the works.  If not, lets just move the team to Alaska and I’ll become a Marlins fan, it is that simple.

(AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

2 comments on “Rebuilding Begins with Trading Your Bad Players, Not Your Good Ones

  1. Is it true the Sox are looking to acquire Tommy Reishus? Now THAT’s where you begin the rebuilding process.

    • Heard we are trying to sign him for 10 million, but hey, someone needs to ensure that Ohio State football players can still get paid.

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