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December 7th: A National Holiday

No disrespect to the men and women of our armed forces who bravely fought and risked their lives on today’s anniversary of Pearl Harbor, but today’s date has a heightened importance to me.  What happened today in my life do you ask?  Well, today is the day that I flossed up there on stage, and schooled all of ya’ll in some studly Torah reading.  That’s right, today is yours truly’s Bar-Mitzvah anniversary, and I was in my zone today nine years ago.  Prayers, no problem; Haftorah portion, nailed it; Torah portion, my buddy Nick Battista still tells me that I was the best he’s ever seen.  Just wanted to gloat that I was most definitely the best Bar-Mitzvah pupil on this day nine years previously (I say that because in my small Jewish town there were also three other coming of age stories that occurred that SAME day!).  So pour one out for your boy tonight, Manoshevitz on me at the bar, and most importantly lets give some props to this all star pictured below, Mazel Tov Bro!

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