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College Football Conference Alignment: A Geographic Nightmare

Remember the opening scene of the movie BASEketball when the voiceover talks about the demise of professional sports in the US around the turn of the millenium?  For example, in the movie they talk about how the Minneapolis Lakers moved to Los Angeles where there are not any lakes, the Houston Oilers moved to Tennessee where there was not any oil, and the New Orleans Jazz moved to Salt Lake City where they do not allow music.  This scene really got me thinking about how conference realignment in conference football are clearly financial decisions and neglect any sense of rational thought.  There are plenty of teams to choose from, but I want to discuss just a few of the more ridiculous teams changing conferences in the next couple years, solely based off geography.  Most of these schools are going to the Big East which is a clear ploy by that conference to save its own ass after losing Pitt and Syracuse to the ACC.  Yet, it has been rumored recently that the University of Houston, Southern Methodist, Boise State, and my favorite, San Diego State will join the Big East.  This idea is mind boggling to me, imagine the travel costs of San Diego State going to play conference games against the University of South Florida.  That is nearly 2500 miles to play a home game, obviously this does not make any sense.  The three other teams I mentioned reign from the states of Idaho and Texas, neither of which could be argued in any way, shape, or form are “East.”  At this point, can the conferences just all get together and say that they will take one geographic region, and all the schools worth having in them.  The Big East can have the northeast, the ACC can have the Chesapeake region and fight with the SEC for some of the southeast teams.  The Big10 will keep the midwest, the Big12 can keep the plaines, and the Pac12 can have all of the teams from the Rocky Mountains to the west.  This plan makes the most geographic sense, but as we all know money talks, and that is the engine that drives NCAA college realignment.  

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