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McNabb, Not Favre

(Charles Rex Arbogast/Associated Press)

As Chicago fans we know two important things about our Bears.  One, to quote SNL, is the obvious fact that Ditka is in fact GAAD, and secondly, our quarterback position is forever cursed.  Of course Jay Cutler has to get hurt when he is on pace to set Bears quarterback records, that has become a regular occurrence for us Bears fans: to expect the worst.  In my eyes, this season is down the drain regardless of whether or not the Bears make the playoffs.  It’s clear that a viable backup quarterback to Jay Cutler is not on the current roster; thus, we need to go and sign a free agent.  There have been talks about Brett Favre returning to Chicago in a Bears uniform, and that would just be wrong.  Not because I loathe Brett Favre, but he is ninety years old and washed up.  The same thing could be argued with McNabb, and maybe I just like the guy, but I think he would be the perfect quarterback to finish out this season for Chicago.  Our defense is good enough to beat a majority of teams in the NFL as long as they do not have a quarterback who turns the ball over a zillion times (which we do).  McNabb can manage the game, and although he might not win us games, he definitely will not lose them.  I know this will be hard for the Bears owners but open up your check book McCaskey family and sign McNabb, its time for him to come back home.


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