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An Easy Athlete to Hate

I can not believe this is possible, but the Oakland Raiders and the Cincinnati Bengals have taken a back seat this year from being atop the list of the most unlikable teams in the NFL.  That award goes to the Detroit Lions this year with their frontman Ndamukong Suh.  No denying that Suh is one heck of a defensive lineman, but the way he plays is too reckless for this league.  It began in the preseason in his rookie year when he started giving parts of his paychecks to the NFL front office.  He has repeatedly been fined seemingly on a weekly basis.  He has even met face-face with Roger Goodell in regards to his risky play, and he continues to prove week in and week out that he has not learned a thing.  His ugliest events this year came against division rivals in the Bears and the Packers.  It was against the Packers where he stomped on an opposing players’ face.  Goodell should not go easy on Suh’s inevitable suspension, he needs to make it harsh so maybe this guy can learn how to play the right way.  I know I sound like a bitter Bears fan, but lezbehonest here, does anyone like Suh?

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