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Debunking the University of Houston and Case Keenum

(Photo by Vito J. Leo for spmsports.)

Throwing nine touchdowns against Rice brought Case Keenum into national relevancy, let me reiterate, nine touchdowns is undeniably remarkable.  His season numbers are unbelievable, he threw for over 5,000 yards, 45 touchdowns, and 5 interceptions.  That is on par with Tom Brady’s NFL record setting season of 2007-08, and Case did that in four fewer games played.  The numbers Case put up are unbelievable, but when you look at the teams that he has defeated it becomes glaringly evident that the teams that they all have one thing in common; bluntly, they all suck.

Let me just list a couple of the schools that Houston played this year that I did not know had football teams, for example, North Texas and Georgia State graced Houston with their talents.  When Houston finally played a program that was not trifled with members of the dumb, deaf and blind community, in Southern Mississippi, they got destroyed, at home.  “Heisman Contender” Case Keenum decided that he was going to have an off game in the biggest game of his career.  He threw for 373 yards alongside two touchdowns and two picks.  It’s amazing how human someone can look when they actually play a real team.  Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that USM is a powerhouse or anything, but they appeared to have some good looking athletes, and they are ranked in the top 25.  Houston played one viable opponent this year in Southern Miss, and they lost.  So can we stop these discussions about these no name players, from no name schools being in the discussion for the Heisman trophy?  It’s just ridiculous that they would be considered for such an award when way more deserving candidates have to play the likes of real football teams every given week.

I’m glad that Houston got clobbered by Southern Mississippi, so all of the pro-Case for Heisman people can be silenced.  Also, it was recently announced that Case was just engaged to his longtime girlfriend.  Below is a picture that shows Case and his wife Kimberly, my only thought that went through my mind was that his wife is pretty unattractive.  I’ve been to Texas multiple times, their are hot girls all over the place.  Case, you are a collegiate division one quarterback, I think you can find a better looking lady on your arm.  I guess we all can laugh at you now Case, thanks for losing to Southern Mississippi.


One comment on “Debunking the University of Houston and Case Keenum

  1. Hmmm… And what school did you play for? Better yet, what NFL team are you in? Have you ever even touched a football? Bet he is making more than you would in a lifetime.

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