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Taking You Into the Weekend

(Peter Read Miller/SI)

Well it’s five o’clock here in the central time zone and I’m on my way to get some much needed drinks.  It’s been a long week of work, and it’s going to be a wild weekend leading up to Monday which is yours trulys’ birthday.  I just have a couple of thoughts before I become unreachable and/or incoherent.  From a college football standpoint, there are four conference championship games to look forward to.  LSU will destroy UGA, Wisconsin if you guys don’t beat Michigan State all the praise that I have given your way this season will all be for not.  And, then there is the ACC championship game with VA Tech playing Clemson which should be a very interesting rematch between a solid defense playing an electrifying offense.  Lastly, we get to the PAC12 championship game: Oregon vs. UCLA.  Are you kidding me?!?!  UCLA?!?!  They are 6-6, and they are coming off a 50-0 loss to USC.  They have also announced that they are firing their head coach, that is a complete joke that they are in their conference championship game.  With that being said, I feel okay with going out tonight instead of staying in to watch that game.

I won’t talk too extensively about college basketball, but the one matchup I’m really looking forward to is Kentucky vs. North Carolina down in Lexington.  There is no doubt in my mind that Kentucky is the best team in the country, and Ohio State looks like a distant second.  Kentucky has NBA talent right now, and I’m expecting Kentucky to destroy the Heels this Saturday.

(Brian Cassella/Tribune)

Sunday shows two marquee matchups between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, and Green Bay vs. the New York football Giants.  Yet, the game I want to see of course is DAAA Bears and the Chiefs.  With two quarterback’s who were not even that good in college getting the starting nods in Caleb Heine and Tyler Palko, I expect a lot of turnovers.  I’m placing the over/under for interceptions at 5.5 and I probably would take the over, and I’m going to predict a 31-10 win for the Bears on the Lakefront.

Hope everyone has a rowdy and safe weekend of partying.  Don’t forget to wish your boy a happy birthday on Monday, and let me know if I can be of any service to anyone.  Happy Friday to all!

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