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A Quick Note on How to Fix the NBA…

(Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images)

I know that this idea towards how to fix the NBA will never leave the office of Czar David Stern’s office, but the Charlie Hodson plan without a doubt would make the NBA a better league.  The most important and intricate part of my plan is that the league needs to be downsized.  This will ultimately, cause a lot of animosity in those certain cities that would lose their teams, but truly the only people I would feel sorry for are the vendors and stadium workers that would lose their jobs.  Clearly the ownership, and most of the front office people are competent (enough) to find jobs elsewhere in our economic market.  But from a league’s standpoint, wouldn’t downsizing the league by five teams make the league stronger and more marketable?  No longer will we be forced to watch hopelessly irrelevant teams play basketball, and lose precious minutes of our lives watching their highlights on Sportscenter.  I can be convinced otherwise, but from my viewpoint the following teams need to go: Toronto, Sacramento, New Orleans, Minnesota, and the LA Clippers.  The only teams that I am really contemplating not losing are the Clippers and the Hornets, but unfortunately, the Clippers have the most moronic owner in professional sports, and the Hornets just can’t seem to fill their stadium.  By these five teams losing its players and hitting the free agent market, imagine the free-for-all that would ensue.  Stars like Blake Griffin, Tyreke Evans, Demarcus Cousins and Kevin Love (to name a few) would all be drooled over like hippies crave jam-bands (which is a rant for another day).  Ultimately, by eliminating five teams the NBA would be forced to raise their salary cap to become able to afford a more talented and better paid team.  And, with a lack of five historically poor teams gone, the league would become competitive, and would force NBA fans to accept that their may be a real reason to watch a game like the Pacers vs. Grizzlies.  Teams would receive more money because of their teams’ better marketability.  NBA contraction is a necessary route of action for the league to take, it would ultimately give the players higher salaries, in the long run teams would make more money, and it will be a better league for the fan.  From an NBA prospective this plan seems like a positive for all sides.

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